At Neurology and Endovascular Associates, we know back pain is more than just an inconvenience; When tasks like walking, reaching or sitting become uncomfortable, it’s time for treatment you can trust. Our staff, along with Arvind Ahuja, M.D., work quickly to obtain an accurate diagnosis, and start you on the treatment path with the highest likelihood of success. 

Our office considers surgical and non-surgical treatment equally, and our recommendations may include physical therapy, chiropractic evaluation, medication and epidural steroid injections. No matter the patient, our staff will recommend a highly personalized treatment plan based on both situation and preference. 

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Spine conditions treated by Dr. Ahuja:

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Why Should You Choose a Neurosurgeon for Back Surgery?

Neurosurgeons are trained throughout a long residency on surgery for the spine. They are uniquely specialized in the nerves and surgery involving the nervous system.