Arvind Ahuja is one of Wisconsin’s top neurosurgeons, offering expert, specialized surgery for a variety of brain conditions.

Brain surgery is a complicated and delicate procedure. A successful outcome from surgery depends upon the initial lesion, but also upon the skill and experience of the surgeon. Combined with Dr. Ahuja’s 20+ years of experience, diagnostic testing can be performed prior to surgery to help for optimal post-surgery results.

Dr. Ahuja operates out of three Milwaukee-area locations, making Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates an accessible option for residents throughout SE Wisconsin.

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Milwaukee-Area Brain Surgery and Treatment

Dr. Ahuja provides highly-personalized treatment plans, ensuring the best possible care for your symptoms.  In some cases, surgery is necessary, while in other cases, a conservative approach including monitoring and possibly medication is more appropriate. The patient’s condition and preferences are taken into careful consideration when formulating treatment strategy, and Dr. Ahuja keeps communication open, honest and proactive. 

Alongside brain surgery, Dr. Ahuja and the staff at Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates offers treatment of various brain-related conditions, including: