With over 20 years of experience, Arvind Ahuja provides state-of-the-art neurosurgical and endovascular care across the Kenosha area. From Racine and Sturtevant to other Kenosha-area communities, Dr. Ahuja and his staff are dedicated to helping you live your best, healthiest life. We offer a range of care for conditions of the brain, spine, artieries and nerves, and work with our patients through every step of diagnosis and recovery. Reach out to us at 262-656-3465 for more information on our services. 

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Neurosurgery & Endovascular Associates — Kenosha

Address: Froedtert South, Kenosha Medical Center Campus, 6308 8th Ave #3090 Kenosha, WI 53143

Phone: 262-656-3465

Hours: Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Appointments are necessary. For additional appointment times, contact our Pleasant Prairie or Franklin offices.

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Our office treats a variety of conditions. For more information, click one of the links below, or contact our office to schedule a consultation.

Kenosha Neurosurgey and Endovascular Associates

Dr. Ahuja and his staff have been serving Kenosha and the Milwaukee area for over 20 years, providing expert neurological and endovascular care with an empathetic, patient-centric philosophy.

Our Kenosha neurosurgery office, along with our other two locations in the Milwaukee area, offers expert treatment and ongoing care for a range of conditions. See our Patient FAQs page for answers to some common questions regarding our offices, scheduling and appointments.

Driving Directions

Dr. Ahuja’s Kenosha office is located in Suite 3090 of the Kenosha Medical Center Campus on 8th Avenue in downtown Kenosha, across the street from the 7th Avenue parking garage.

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  • Dr. Ahuja has saved my life multiple times – he’s like my buddy now. I like the fact that he’s not at all flashy. He’s soft-spoken, very low-key, and a gentleman. And the staff is wonderful. They remember who I am and address me by my name. It really makes you feel comfortable to be in their care. I had such good results because he’s the best surgeon around.

    Karen Twin Lakes, WI
  • 16 years ago, Dr. Ahuja performed a craniotomy for a brain aneurysm on me. I owe my life to Dr Ahuja. I am definitely a success story thanks to his great talent and expertise. In addition, Dr. Ahuja is a very kind person. Whenever I see him, his warm smile and gentle way always light up the room. Thank you, Dr. Ahuja!

    Darlene Fox Lake, WI
  • I had constant headaches. Consequently, I didn’t sleep much and it had a big impact on me. I got very depressed because I felt sick all the time. Dr. Ahuja is great. He always explains everything he is going to do. His staff is wonderful and spends quite a bit of time with you. I felt a dramatic improvement in the days right after surgery. The headaches are almost entirely gone.

    Joanne Milwaukee, WI
  • The minute I came out of surgery, I felt relief. I had the feeling back in my hand and the pain was gone. It has been about four months since my surgery, and I am so much better. Dr. Ahuja is the best. He has a lot of skill in what he does. He and his staff are top notch.

    Jack Whitewater, WI
  • I am very happy with the results of the surgery and with Dr. Ahuja. He has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced.

    Jeffrey Sheboygan, WI
  • "They go way above and beyond. Not just Dr. Ahuja - all of them. You can trust that they know what they’re doing. And to go to one place where you could get everything done was phenomenal - MRI, CAT scan, everything is at one place. You can’t get that at a normal hospital. I've never met a staff or a doctor like Dr. Ahuja or any of his staff. However he formed that team, I’d like to know the secret."

    Mike C. Racine, WI
  • “I’ve never seen a man or his staff that were kinder than him. And to go to go to one place where you could get anything done was phenomenal, if i needed an MRI, CAT scan, to see Dr. Ahuja, talk to Jane, or have an insurance bill check through - I could come here. Everything was at one place.”

    Mike C. Racine, WI
  • “Thank God for Dr. Ahuja. I know I wouldn’t be here if I had not found my way to him.”

    Christine W. Pleasant Prairie
  • “Dr. Ahuja is friendly, warm and compassionate. I have nothing but good things to say about him, and his staff is very courteous. I really like that they have an MRI in the facility and you aren’t running around from place to place. I give him them an A+!”

    Patricia L. Franklin, WI
  • “I believe - and my family believes - it was a blessing to meet Dr. Ahuja in my situation. He performed the surgery and his team took care of me. They did a great job. They did everything they needed so I could survive.”

    Natalia B. Milwaukee, WI

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Frequently-Asked Questions

Our staff is available to take your calls during regular office hours. If you have a non-urgent medical question, please ask to speak to one of our physician assistants or nurse clinicians. If you call after office hours, please give all information to our answering service and they will contact the neurosurgeon on call, who will answer your question as soon as possible.

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What is a neurosurgeon do? 

A neurosurgeon is a doctor specializing in the diagnosis of, and surgical treatment pertaining to, disorders of nervous system (primarily the brain and spine). Dr. Ahuja, specifically, specializes in the treatment of brain, spine, artery and nerve conditions, and offers both intensive and minimally-invasive neurosurgery.

Does Dr. Ahuja treat sciatica? 

Dr. Ahuja offers a range of treatment for Sciatica (also known as Lumbar Radiculopathy) depending on the patient’s needs. This may include physical therapy, prescribed medication, or epidural steroid injections.

Does Dr. Ahuja treat Spinal Stenosis? 

We provide treatment options for Spinal Stenosis to alleviate pain caused by the resulting compressed nerves. This includes both surgical and non-surgical options, such as:

  • Decompressive lumbar laminectomy
  • Prescribed medication
  • Physical therapy

What services do you offer for spine care and treatment? 

Our office specializes in a variety of spine conditions and treatment options, including:

For a full list of conditions and procedures, please refer to our Spine Conditions and Treatments page.

What if I need emergency neurosurgical care? 

In a true emergency, or if you feel the problem is life-threatening, please call 9-1-1. If you are experiencing an urgent problem or severe pain, please call our office first during regular hours. We will have someone call you as soon as possible.
If you are calling for a prescription refill, please call during regular office hours only. Give your name, telephone number of your pharmacy, and medication name and number.

Can Neurosurgery and Endovascular Associates refill my prescription?

If you are calling for a prescription refill, please call during regular office hours only. Give your name, telephone number of your pharmacy, and medication name and number.

Please allow 24 hours for all prescriptions to be called in. If a prescription refill is denied for any reason, our staff will contact you.

In order to keep accurate medical records, we do not fill prescriptions during evening or weekend hours as patient records may not be available during these times.

Do new patient forms need to be filled out beforehand? 

If you are a new patient and have scheduled an appointment, it’ll be helpful (but not required) to fill out our New Patient Form beforehand. Just click this link to open the document (Adobe Reader required), print it out, complete the form, and bring it with you.