Minuteman G5 MIS Fusion Plate

Minimally-invasive spinal fusion technology now available at NeuroEndoMKE

The Minuteman® G5 is a minimally invasive spinal fusion device that boasts benefits for the patient including reduced OR time, same-day hospital leave, minimal tissue disruption and little to no post-op pain compared to traditional spinal fusion techniques. The Minuteman® G5 has shown comparable stability to screws and rods in stabilizing the spine. This helps alleviate symptoms of back and leg pain. For people who are not able to physically handle a more traditional fusion or long recovery, the Minuteman® G5 may be a particularly good option.

The team at NeruoEndoMKE may recommend the Minuteman® G5 to alleviate back pain associated with conditions like:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis;
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Trauma (fracture or dislocation)
  • Tumor


If you suffer from chronic back or leg pain, and have not found relief from conservative treatments, we invite you to set up a consultation to explore all your options, including the Minuteman® G5

Patient Education

The Minuteman® G5 Spinal Fusion could be right for you if you experience the following symptoms:

Extension-Based Pain

  • Back/leg pain, weakness, numbness/tingling 
  • Worse with standing/walking 
  • Worse lying flat: on stomach and/or on back 
  • Frequent falls – poor balance
  • Consistent onset with weight bearing activity 
  • Gait abnormalities – shortened stride length
  • Difficulty Bending/lifting/twisting ○ 
  • Posture deficits
  • Braced posture

Mechanical Instability

  • All movements and positions can be aggravating
  • Pain can be inconsistent
  • Increased pain with activity
  • Decreased gait speed and stride length

Patient Complaints

  • “I can’t sit/stand for long” 
  • “I haven’t been able to walk through the store”
  • “I’ve been having difficulty putting on socks and shoes”

Patient Complaints

  • “I have to sleep in the recliner”
  • “It hurts to get out of a chair”
  • “I threw my back out”

What Patients are Saying about the Minuteman® G5

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No matter what procedure is right for you, Dr. Ahuja and his team are here to provide you with expert medical care to alleviate back pain and other symptoms associated with spinal issues. If you are in pain, contact us to set up a consultation today.

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