“Guardian Angel”

I always say that God has given me the best doctor in the world. I don’t trust anybody else, especially with my brain. Dr. Ahuja is an amazing person and an amazing friend. He’s my guardian angel.

– Kathy, Elkhart Lake

Patient Stories from Dr. Ahuja

Catherine H.

Catherine H.

Patient Catherine H.- Nerve Compression in the Cervical Spine

     In October of 2019, Catherine H. was experiencing excruciating neck pain, shoulder pain, and radicular symptoms(numbness, tingling, and pain) down her right arm. By May of 2020, the pain had become unbearable and pain medications were no longer providing her with relief. She had a steroid injection in her shoulder but was still feeling intense arm pain. Catherine’s daughter-in-law, who also my patient, recommended that she see me. In July of 2020, I saw Catherine in my office. Her history and physical exam were consistent with nerve compression in the cervical spine.
     Her MRI confirmed that Catherine had a significant compression in her neck at C4-5 and C5-6. Given that her symptoms were rapidly worsening and that she was not getting better with conservative treatment, surgical intervention would be the best option. She had some increased risk due to her additional medical conditions, but her doctors agreed that surgery was needed. She had an anterior cervical decompression(ACDF) which removed the pressure on the pinched nerve. She tolerated the surgery very well and went home quickly!
     Catherine had her follow-up appointment one month later and said she feels “wonderful.” Her numbness and tingling are gone and she is almost pain-free. Most importantly, she has a regained her arm strength. She and her family expressed how they appreciated the time we took to speak with them, as well as providing them with details surrounding Catherine’s plan of care. Catherine said she felt very confident about me, my team, and the surgery, and she knows that she made the right decision to have surgery. Thank you to her and her family for trusting me and my team!

Patient Timothy Allen – Subdural hematoma

    The story of my patient Timothy Allen is an important reminder that we need to remain vigilant and be cautious of previous conditions or new symptoms.
Timothy’s sister Shannon noticed that Timothy’s balance was off, he was less insistent about keeping the house organized, was walking much less than usual, and had low-level confusion. For example, he had difficulty performing his usual tasks including putting on a seatbelt.
    Thankfully, Shannon brought him for an evaluation, and Timothy was found to have a large subdural hematoma. This happens when a blood vessel near the surface of the brain bursts, which causes blood to build up between the brain and its outer lining and put pressure on the brain. This can happen after a car accident, a fall, blood-thinning medications etc.
Timothy underwent a craniotomy to remove the blood so the pressure could be relieved off the brain.
    Three weeks later, Timothy is back to his usual cheery self, walking 10,000-15,000 steps a day, and complaining to his sister that she needs to be more tidy!!

patient timothy allen with dr. ahuja

Timothy Allen and Dr. Ahuja

Patient Wallace T.- Meningioma

    Mr. Wallace T became my patient a few weeks ago when he developed memory changes. He left for work to get gas at lunchtime but became confused and passed out. He was brought to Emergency Room at Froedert South Hospital.
    A CT scan showed that he had a large brain tumor that was compressing his normal brain cells and causing his symptoms. I performed a craniotomy by removing a section of the bone from the skull to expose and access the brain. Using a microscope and a computer-assisted navigation system, I pinpointed the exact location of the tumor and removed it completely without disturbing normal brain tissue. Once the tumor is removed, the skull bone is placed and it eventually fuses.
    Fortunately, his tumor was a Meningioma which is benign (non-cancerous) and Wallace has recovered fully. His memory has returned and he will be going to work. Thank you to Wallace and his mom for sharing his story!

Wallace T. and mom

Photo of patient Lisa K

Lisa K.

Patient Lisa K – Subarachnoid hemorrhage

    In February 2009, Lisa K had the worst headache of her life. She went to bed and remembers a few details as to what happened next. She was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleeding around the brain). My partner found an aneurysm and performed a craniotomy for a clipping of a posterior communicating artery aneurysm. She had a three-week hospitalization and we followed her closely. She then followed up with me in February and she had an angiogram to further evaluate the blood vessels of the brain and neck that supply the brain with blood. She was found to have another very large 10mm aneurysm in a different artery in the back of her head. Instead of opening the skull, this time I treated this by going through the artery in her groin and placed a stent within the aneurysm to stop it from rupturing.
Lisa has treatment for both a ruptured and an unruptured aneurysm and has had both surgery and endovascular treatment! She has been diligent in following up annually for the past 10 years for any new aneurysms and is an exemplary patient. Lisa has such a positive attitude which makes her a wonderful addition to our Aneurysm support group!

Karen – Twin Lakes, WI

Dr. Ahuja has saved my life multiple times – he’s like my buddy now. I like the fact that he’s not at all flashy. He’s soft-spoken, very low-key, and a gentleman. And the staff is wonderful. They remember who I am and address me by my name. It really makes you feel comfortable to be in their care. I had such good results because he’s the best surgeon around.”

Jack – Whitewater, WI

“The minute I came out of surgery, I felt relief. I had the feeling back in my hand and the pain was gone. It has been about four months since my surgery, and I am so much better. Dr. Ahuja is the best. He has a lot of skill in what he does. He and his staff are top notch.”

Joanne – Milwaukee, WI

“I had constant headaches. Consequently, I didn’t sleep much and it had a big impact on me. I got very depressed because I felt sick all the time. Dr. Ahuja is great. He always explains everything he is going to do. His staff is wonderful and spends quite a bit of time with you. I felt a dramatic improvement in the days right after surgery. The headaches are almost entirely gone.”

Darlene – Fox Lake, WI

“16 years ago, Dr. Ahuja performed a craniotomy for a brain aneurysm on me. I owe my life to Dr Ahuja. I am definitely a success story thanks to his great talent and expertise. In addition, Dr. Ahuja is a very kind person. Whenever I see him, his warm smile and gentle way always light up the room. Thank you, Dr. Ahuja!”

Jeffrey – Sheboygan, WI

I am very happy with the results of the surgery and with Dr. Ahuja. He has the best bedside manner I have ever experienced.”