There are many different types of disorders of the peripheral nerves (nerves outside the brain), however, Dr. Ahuja primarily treats two of these: median neuropathy (carpal tunnel syndrome) and ulnar neuropathy.

Neuropathy simply means the the pain originates from your nerves. Both the median and ulnar nerves travel down your arms.

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Neurosurgical Conditions and Procedures for Nerve Pain

Wrist and arm pain affects many people, so you are not alone. Your pain can be caused by aging, injury, or simple daily strain. It can be debilitating. Your pain can make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. It can travel down your arms and can even cause hand numbness and weakness.

Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options available, both surgical and non-surgical. Our goal is to manage your pain effectively to improve your quality of life.

The purpose of the treatment is to relieve your pain, not to make an x-ray or MRI of your arm look perfect. It is important that we start with conservative measures such as physical therapy or medication. If we are able to control your pain to satisfaction without surgery, then we have succeeded.