How is carpal tunnel treated?

Surgery is not our first choice when treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), also known as median nerve or ulnar nerve compression. Whenever possible, we will see if more conservative measures such as medication or physical therapy will relieve your pain. If we are able to control your pain to your satisfaction without carpal tunnel surgery, then we have succeeded.

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What should I expect from a median nerve release procedure?

For this procedure, you will be given medicine to relax you and you will not feel pain; the area will be numbed. Dr. Ahuja simply makes a small incision on your wrist and cuts the carpal ligament, freeing the nerve and relieving your pain. Don’t worry – cutting the ligament has no impact on your hand. The area is closed with small sutures that will need to be removed in 7-10 days. Return to work can occur when you are able to use your hand, ordinarily in 2 weeks.

What is recovery like from carpal tunnel surgery?

Many people notice an early improvement with their weakness. The numbness may persist, however, until the nerve has completely healed. Since the nerve has been compressed and pinched, the damage may take more than a couple of weeks to heal completely. Make sure you stick with the plan and come to your follow-up appointment after surgery – we want you to get better! And patients can always call our office with any questions or worries – we are always glad to assist.