Inside the Huddle

Dr. Arvind Ahuja discusses Brett Favre’s 2004 concussion in this episode of Inside the Huddle. If you don’t remember the game, this was when the legendary Green Bay Packers’ quarterback got his bell rung and crumpled on the sidelines for a moment, only to run back onto the field and throw a 28-yard touchdown pass on the very next play.

To this day, Favre cannot remember throwing that ball.

While the injury certainly demonstrated the toughness of the Packers Hall-of-Famer, Dr. Ahuja notes that nowadays, a similar injury would keep a quarterback sidelined for two or three weeks.

Inside the Huddle

On the heels of an injury to Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Dr. Arvind Ahuja discusses the difference between a sprain and strain for Inside the Huddle.

A sprain occurs when there is an injury to ligaments, whereas a strain affects the muscle or tendons. Rodgers has a calf strain, and it can take several weeks for such an injury to heal completely.

Dr. Ahuja also explains treatment options for sprains and strains.