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Brain Aneurysms – Know the Symptoms

Brain aneurysms form when a blood vessel weakens and begins to bulge. They often arise suddenly, but there are still many early symptoms that can signal something is wrong. Aneurysms may cause extreme pain confined to one area of the head, blurred/double vision and neck stiffness.

If left untreated, pressure can build along the vessel causing it to stretch and possibly rupture. Ruptured brain aneurysms are very dangerous and require immediate care. Those with a family history of brain aneurysms should take extra precautionary steps and may want to consider getting screened more often.

Learn more about cerebral aneurysms and if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below set up a time to get screened.

Localized Headache

Pain Above or Behind Eye

Numb or Weak Body

Dilated Pupils

Difficulty Speaking

Blurred or Double Vision

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