Wallace’s Meningioma and Neurosurgery Awareness Month

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Mr. Wallace T became my patient a few weeks ago when he developed memory changes. He left for work to get gas at lunchtime but became confused and passed out. He was brought to the Emergency Room at Froedert South Hospital.

A CT scan showed that he had a large brain tumor that was compressing his normal brain cells and causing his symptoms.

Wallace’s Meningioma

I performed a craniotomy by removing a section of the bone from the skull to expose and access the brain.

Using a microscope and a computer-assisted navigation system, I pinpointed the exact location of the tumor and removed it completely without disturbing normal brain tissue. Once the tumor is removed, the skull bone is placed and it eventually fuses.



Fortunately, his tumor was a Meningioma which is benign (non-cancerous) and Wallace has recovered fully. His memory has returned and he will be going to work.

Wallace and his mother

Thank you to Wallace and his mom for sharing his story as part of our campaign to highlight August as #Neurosurgeryawarenessmonth.

We will be adding patient stories so please keep watching and stay safe!